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Through Victory My Chains Are Broken

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

It’s been a pretty great Christmas, and the kids got everything their little hearts could hope for. The exchange of Sith themed gifts was a trigger for me, and I decided to update SWTOR on my desktop. I do still have to work tomorrow, but I’ve got a powerful need to crush some rebel scum beneath my boot.

Star Wars: The New Obsession

I’ve fallen off the MMO wagon again.

This time around, I plan to be very responsible with my time (I can’t believe I’m writing this) and to blog about what I do online. I will review the games I play (video and tabletop… maybe even board) and I hope to entertain and inform. I hope you enjoy my ranting, raving and rambling about all of the many things that can happen in the life of a mama who games.

Gaming has been a part of my life since long before I had kids. I’ve never been what you’d call the “stereotypical” gamer -but I play for love of the game and the story. Parenting has it’s ups and downs, just like anything in life, but they are so severe at times -it can start to feel like you’re going to burn up in the atmosphere going one way or the other. People tend to classify escapism as a bad thing… but perhaps those people have simpler lives. What I do know is that life can be beautiful, terrible and overwhelming at times. Why not take a break once in a while, if it better equips you for the pitfalls?

I am MamaGamer. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be my new obsession. Come along!