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Game On?

There’s been so much going on in the gaming world lately that I could write about -but there’s been just as much drama and change going on in my own life and I haven’t been doing it. I can’t believe I haven’t written since Christmas -but gaming has been on a pretty far back burner and I just re-upped my World of Warcraft account.

Incidentally, I’m also falling in love with board games that can be played with a group. Social interaction at it’s finest!

Stay tuned, and I’ll tell you more about all of it. =)

Night In The Woods: Living The Dream Of A College Dropout

I should know -I dropped out of college twice before I graduated in 2012.

The thing about dropping out is that sometimes it forces you to tune in, as that’s just about the only way to distract yourself from the mountain of negative thoughts and feelings about the future, about yourself, and about all that money you’re going to have to find a way to pay back.

On to this awesome-looking new game prospect on Kickstarter that inspired me to vent about my previous failures: you get to play a cat named Mae who’s dropped out of college and returned to her hometown, a failed mining community, and explore the dark side of things. Sounds like where I’m from, and how I responded to my own feelings of hopelessness when I thought I’d never escape.

Whether you can relate to all these things or not, just check out the review at Kotaku and I think you’ll agree; this game is going to be awesome.

Kaiju: Mangina!

Because today started out with difficult children and transitioned smoothly to difficult work issues… I’m going to reblog Scalzi.

Where is my mind today? I’ll let you know when I find and neutralize it.


Over on Twitter, I noted that one of the favorite things the dudebros like to call me is “mangina,” a delightful portmanteau of “man” and “vagina,” because in the world of men terrified by women, the worst thing you can do to a guy is imply he’s a vagina. Or something. I don’t know, it just seems stupid to me, but, well: dudebros.

This prompted Seanan McGuire to comment:

To which I responded: “Now I need to see the fan art.”

And, hey! Look!

Make no mistake, people. This is officially THE BEST THING EVER.

The artist: K.B. Spangler. Give love, because this is awesome.

And also, now…

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Laconic Studios’ Blog -HexCom is COMING…

(like I need more gaming distractions in this lifetime!)

I finally made one of those memes, so I can know who I really am!