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Dragonslayers don’t get vacations

The holidays are nearly upon us, and the time away from regular routines has become bittersweet for MamaGamer. The kids and I have time off school, PapaGamer will be off Friday and Monday in honor of the annual Consumermas celebrations and all of our weekly tabletop games are cancelled until after the new year. Sadface. =(

The night before last we had our last Dungeons & Dragons session for some time, and try as I might after sharing a few bottles of wine with my fellow dragon slayers, I could not keep my eyes open. I did have some interesting dreams: in one of them I swallowed some kind of glue that stuck to the insides of my windpipe and kept sticking to the air so I couldn’t breathe.

Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of the anxiety I’m feeling now as I look at my calendar and realize I won’t be rolling any dice for more than a week. Either way, the weekly pot luck of snacky foods the players always put together on Mondays (cheese, pasta dishes, veggies, ranch dip, fruit platters and the penultimate dessert -ice cream drumsticks) is like Christmas every time for this gamer mom.

I will probably be distracted enough by Christmas Eve activities to not get all weepy over there not being a Shadowrun game that Saturday evening… probably. In any case, the games will soon be back on and I suppose it would be appropriate for me to take some of those precious hours that the kids are in bed to get acquainted with my new timesink -SWTOR.

Merry Festivus, kiddies!