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Through Victory My Chains Are Broken

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

It’s been a pretty great Christmas, and the kids got everything their little hearts could hope for. The exchange of Sith themed gifts was a trigger for me, and I decided to update SWTOR on my desktop. I do still have to work tomorrow, but I’ve got a powerful need to crush some rebel scum beneath my boot.

Spring Break + No SWTOR = Sad Mama

It’s spring break for me (and Charlie) and I haven’t even logged into SWTOR at all! It’s friggin THURSDAY, and I’m completely distracted. My attention has been splintering every morning that I attempt to get things done, and the Mercury Retrograde just started…

I have:

  • Washed and folded several loads/baskets of laundry. (the washer’s not spin/rinsing right, REPAIR.)
  • Installed a Digital Reciever in our used Maxima. (No sound is coming out of it.)
  • Re-hung some framed art. (Now have three frames sitting on the floor waiting to be hung)
  • Re-organized the shoe/coat area. (Dumped a pile of coats on my office floor -still there.)
  • Shopped for groceries. (Got less than half the list because Charlie busted his lip in the store and we had to go.)
  • Cleaned up some of the backyard garbage. (Still plenty of doggie doo doo and broken toys left, though.)
  • Done some work stuff, but not nearly enough.
  • Done ZERO school stuff, which I probably should look into, just in case I forgot something.

Top it all off with THIS AMAZING RING I saw on Tumblr today…

It’s WAAAaaaay out of our league, but it’s gorgeous. If I only had a Tardis, I could get everything done!



Zero Punctuation : AWESOME

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Star Wars: The Old Republic.

via Zero Punctuation :.

Dragonslayers don’t get vacations

The holidays are nearly upon us, and the time away from regular routines has become bittersweet for MamaGamer. The kids and I have time off school, PapaGamer will be off Friday and Monday in honor of the annual Consumermas celebrations and all of our weekly tabletop games are cancelled until after the new year. Sadface. =(

The night before last we had our last Dungeons & Dragons session for some time, and try as I might after sharing a few bottles of wine with my fellow dragon slayers, I could not keep my eyes open. I did have some interesting dreams: in one of them I swallowed some kind of glue that stuck to the insides of my windpipe and kept sticking to the air so I couldn’t breathe.

Perhaps it was a foreshadowing of the anxiety I’m feeling now as I look at my calendar and realize I won’t be rolling any dice for more than a week. Either way, the weekly pot luck of snacky foods the players always put together on Mondays (cheese, pasta dishes, veggies, ranch dip, fruit platters and the penultimate dessert -ice cream drumsticks) is like Christmas every time for this gamer mom.

I will probably be distracted enough by Christmas Eve activities to not get all weepy over there not being a Shadowrun game that Saturday evening… probably. In any case, the games will soon be back on and I suppose it would be appropriate for me to take some of those precious hours that the kids are in bed to get acquainted with my new timesink -SWTOR.

Merry Festivus, kiddies!

Star Wars: The New Obsession

I’ve fallen off the MMO wagon again.

This time around, I plan to be very responsible with my time (I can’t believe I’m writing this) and to blog about what I do online. I will review the games I play (video and tabletop… maybe even board) and I hope to entertain and inform. I hope you enjoy my ranting, raving and rambling about all of the many things that can happen in the life of a mama who games.

Gaming has been a part of my life since long before I had kids. I’ve never been what you’d call the “stereotypical” gamer -but I play for love of the game and the story. Parenting has it’s ups and downs, just like anything in life, but they are so severe at times -it can start to feel like you’re going to burn up in the atmosphere going one way or the other. People tend to classify escapism as a bad thing… but perhaps those people have simpler lives. What I do know is that life can be beautiful, terrible and overwhelming at times. Why not take a break once in a while, if it better equips you for the pitfalls?

I am MamaGamer. Star Wars: The Old Republic will be my new obsession. Come along!