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Star-crossed lovers

I’ve tried so hard to make this work… I’ve even forsaken my first true console gaming lover, PlayStation.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my original PlayStation tucked away in the kids room. They still get to enjoy my old favorites (Simpson’s Road Rage, Psychonauts, Harvest Moon) and I still hope to someday get a TV in the basement and move it down there so I can once again play my other favorites (Tenchu 3, Bloodrayne, etc) when they go to sleep.

But the Xbox 360 was our first HD gaming console, my second online console experience (FinalFantasy XI, why can’t I quit you!?) and I have been defending it for nearly six years now.

You can imagine my chagrin last week when this, technically our fourth console, the THIRD refurbished 360 we have brought home (the last one is in a box in the attic -waiting on that second flat screen to appear) started flashing red.

It pulled itself over the finish line of that three month warranty we got at the local game repair/used game store, and then took a crap. Now I’m forced to make another difficult choice- do I attempt to repair it myself, take it back to the guys who rigged it to last 3 months, or throw my hands up and start saving for the PS3 I’ve always wanted?