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Spring Break + No SWTOR = Sad Mama

It’s spring break for me (and Charlie) and I haven’t even logged into SWTOR at all! It’s friggin THURSDAY, and I’m completely distracted. My attention has been splintering every morning that I attempt to get things done, and the Mercury Retrograde just started…

I have:

  • Washed and folded several loads/baskets of laundry. (the washer’s not spin/rinsing right, REPAIR.)
  • Installed a Digital Reciever in our used Maxima. (No sound is coming out of it.)
  • Re-hung some framed art. (Now have three frames sitting on the floor waiting to be hung)
  • Re-organized the shoe/coat area. (Dumped a pile of coats on my office floor -still there.)
  • Shopped for groceries. (Got less than half the list because Charlie busted his lip in the store and we had to go.)
  • Cleaned up some of the backyard garbage. (Still plenty of doggie doo doo and broken toys left, though.)
  • Done some work stuff, but not nearly enough.
  • Done ZERO school stuff, which I probably should look into, just in case I forgot something.

Top it all off with THIS AMAZING RING I saw on Tumblr today…

It’s WAAAaaaay out of our league, but it’s gorgeous. If I only had a Tardis, I could get everything done!



Brotherly love saves the day

Fabulous Tumblr blog I just read about an older brother defending his little brother’s choices to their father.

I’d write something about it, but I keep tearing up every time I re-read it.

That is all.