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Through Victory My Chains Are Broken

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

Awesome wallpaper by Aonyx. Clicky.

It’s been a pretty great Christmas, and the kids got everything their little hearts could hope for. The exchange of Sith themed gifts was a trigger for me, and I decided to update SWTOR on my desktop. I do still have to work tomorrow, but I’ve got a powerful need to crush some rebel scum beneath my boot.

Thank you RedditGifts Secret Santa!

I was all excited to post about the present I received today from the redditgifts Secret Santa 2013, and then I found this:


So now I feel a little bit deflated, but still completely AWESOME about my Secret Santa gift. No one donated any cows in my name, but I wished super hard for my very own game of Cards Against Humanity and THAT’S WHAT I GOT!

It isn’t often in our adult lives that wishes come true, but I’m going to enjoy this one immensely for both it’s inherent awesomeness and also for bringing me back to that moment we all experience as kids when we rip open a package to discover it’s just what we wanted. Thanks, secret santa!